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At Thad Glass Insurance LLC, we work to ensure our customers receive the health or life insurance coverage they deserve at an affordable price. From Long Term Care expense protection to Medicare related health insurance or planning for Final Expenses; we provide friendly, personalized service that works around your needs and preferences.

Independently owned and operated since 1983, Thad Glass Insurance provides residents of the Suwannee River Valley and beyond with carefully selected and competitively priced policies and products. Specializing in quality life and health insurance, owner Thad Glass will help you understand your life or health insurance program.

With Thad Glass Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your dedicated insurance agent has your best interest at heart and strives to ensure that you receive your full benefits when you need them most. Thad enjoys building close relationships with his customers and providing quality customer service that locals in the area continue to depend on.

If you are concerned about how your insurance decisions may affect your health care program, please contact us today so we can help you.